Why Fox Funding?

Reasonable rates – Fox quote a rate and stick with it. Our rates can be either fixed or linked to the BoE base rate.

Certainty – Fox only offer loans that are matched by our funds held on cash deposits. No offer is conditional on extraneous factors such as syndication or the wholesale money market. Our loans are not payable on demand.

Exceptional speed – Our streamlined diligence process will “fast-track” your loan by focusing only on key information. No computer-generated questionnaires. No box-ticking irrelevant questions. Not automated switchboards. Your relationship manager’s role is to maintain “deal momentum” to ensure early availability of funds in a very efficient manner.

Flexible approach – All properties are unique and as a result, each loan is bespoke – we aren’t selling a generic “product”. Fox are exclusively funded by our partners all of whom work in the business. The structure enables us to fund complex loans quickly and to provide quick funding which many mainstream lenders would decline. 

Empowered contact – We meet all our clients in person, learn what works for them and provide a single knowledgeable point of contact. This relationship manager stays with the client for the duration of the loan to ensure future draw downs are efficiently managed.

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